10 Good Reasons to Outsource Your Customer Success Stories

BY Holly Yoos
June 1, 2021

So you’re sold on the value of creating and sharing your customer success stories. Excellent.

If you’re also sold on partnering with Case Study Buddy to create those case studies for you (as opposed to doing them in house) that’s even better.

But how do you convince your manager or other higher up that partnering with Case Study Buddy is the way to go?

Outsourcing case studies can be a contentious issue, especially given the high-touch nature of customer success stories.

  • How can you know your clients will be treated with respect?
  • Can an outside team really get the level of detail and insight you need?
  • What about brand voice and tone—will those be compromised?
  • Will the ROI be there relative to doing them in-house?

All of those are good questions—and things well worth being worried about.

Here are just some of the reasons why businesses large and small, from all parts of the world, and across every industry, choose Case Study Buddy as their case study partner:

1. Your case studies get done

The most common problem with writing your case studies in house? They don’t get done.

Inevitably, other needs and priorities emerge, and you end up putting aside the interviewing, writing and designing that’s needed to create your customer success stories.

And sometimes, it can feel like every step forward brings delays or problems. The customer can’t find a time to meet. They won’t get back to you with edits. The end product is shaping up to be something entirely different than what you had in mind when you started. And on and on.

And so your case studies go nowhere.

At Case Study Buddy, creating customer success stories is ALL we do. It’s ALWAYS our top priority.

So we’re relentless in following up and pushing through.

In fact, we once persisted with a case study that took an entire year to complete. Why so long?

In this case, the customer is in the pharmaceutical space. When COVID-19 hit, the company’s top and only priority was to find a vaccine (which we heartily applaud!).

Still, we stayed with it, periodically following up with the customer without being pushy.

Finally, one year later, we got this case study across the finish line, to the amazement of our client.

Would an in-house team have stuck this one out? Perhaps.

But given the chaos and disruption that the age of COVID has brought, perhaps not.

2.   Your case studies get done faster

Building on the above, not only will your case studies get done, but they’ll get done faster.

Because case studies are all we do, we never put them aside to focus on other priorities.

More importantly, we’ve had years of focused effort to invest into optimizing the case study process—valuable lessons learned on shortening the time it takes to get assets out, secure approval, and ultimately go live. With SO MUCH administrative work involved in case studies, having a partner with a plan means sidestepping serious landmines that can derail a study halfway through.

3.   You get a better end product

May we boast for a moment?

Case Study Buddy is on the cutting edge of customer success stories.

Because that’s all we do, you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re closely monitoring the latest in what’s working—and what’s not—in deploying customer success stories across sales and marketing funnels in almost every industry.

We’ve also written hundreds and hundreds of case studies, so we can brag that our writers and interviewers have more experience with this particular asset than anyone else in the business.

All of which means you’re going to get a top-of-the-line end product.

4.   It’s a hassle-free process

Most people dramatically underestimate the time and hassle involved in creating customer success stories.

Whether it’s wrangling interviews, writing, filming, managing revisions, editing video, drafting release forms, or coordinating design, it can be a logistical nightmare.

When you work with us, all of those hassles are taken off your plate and placed squarely on ours.

When you work with us, all of the hassles of creating a customer success story are taken off your plate and placed squarely on ours.

Which frees you up to focus on other important things in your business.

5.   Expert guidance and advice is included

You may know (or think you know) exactly what you want from your case study.

But is there an opportunity you’re not seeing? Is there a pitfall you can avoid?

We’ve done so many of these things, it’s not surprising that we have some experience-based ideas and opinions.

And we’re always happy to offer those up to you if you’re looking for input or feedback on your case study marketing strategy. No extra charge!

6.   You circumvent internal politics

Sales and marketing not getting along? Are you unable to get agreement on an angle for your case study—or much of anything else?

When you hand your case study project to us—a neutral third party—you may find that all those internal disagreements disappear.

When you hand your case study project to us—a neutral third party—you may find that departmental disagreements disappear.

Because we’re an experienced advisor that lives outside your organization, internal departments are often willing to take our advice and direction. We’re good at getting teams to see both sides, align on goals, and recognize that ultimately, the assets we’re creating are going to benefit everyone in ways that make sense for the targets and challenges they’re facing.

After all, we’re not here to pick sides.

All we want is to get you the best customer success story possible to help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. Full stop.

7.   It underlines the value you place on the case study

It’s a hard truth, but sometimes in-house projects aren’t given the respect they’re due, no matter how important they truly are.

But bring in an outside consulting firm to do the project—and voilà! Suddenly, the project rises to the top of the priority list.

We sometimes see this scenario play out with our clients.

Case studies that stalled or never got out of the gate suddenly come together once we’re in the picture.

Sure, we like to believe that our initiative in pushing these projects forward has a lot to do with it.

But we must admit that even just having us on board helps to overcome inertia.

8.   You get unfiltered customer feedback

One of the side benefits of working with us is that we can (if you choose) use the interviews to solicit feedback from your customers.

Clearly, they had a good experience with you (otherwise we wouldn’t be writing a case study about it).

But what’s the one thing they would change if they could?

When we ask this question—again, coming from a neutral third party—your customers are more likely to give their honest feedback.

And you can use these valuable insights to improve your products, services and processes even more.

9.   We make you look good

Our clients introduce us to their most valued customers every day of the week.

It’s a real honor and privilege that we don’t take lightly.

Every day, our team brings the very best of themselves to the job, whether it’s writing, interviewing, filming, editing, selling, consulting, project managing or anything else.

Your customers will be impressed with our professionalism—and they’ll also be impressed that you cared enough about their success to bring in an outside specialist to tell the story.

10.   It won’t feel weird

If you feel weird about sharing your success with the world, we can take the awkwardness out of it.

Zeph Snapp, CEO and Founder of Altura Interactive and a valued Case Study Buddy client, explained it best on Twitter:

10 Good reason to outsource your customer success stories

Choose Case Study Buddy As Your Case Study Partner

We hope we’ve convinced you that choosing Case Study Buddy as your case study partner is a no brainer compared to doing them in house.

Want to get your customer success stories off the starting blocks and to the finish line?

Contact us to start the conversation.

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