Case Study Buddy Design Project: Contract

BY Joel Klettke
July 25, 2022

Case Study Buddy is looking for a strong visual storyteller/ designer to help us rethink and improve our approach to the collateral we deliver for clients.

We’re on the hunt for someone who is deep on visual storytelling, document design and information design to help us level up our design and ensure the visual layouts/formats of our assets complements the stories we’re telling for clients.

This initial project would be a freelance/consulting engagement, with the potential to become ongoing work if you feel it’s a fit and are excited about working with our designers and team.

Project Goals

1. Establish new baseline templates for the collateral delivered for our clients.

This would include multi-page PDFs, one-sheets, audiograms, quote images, slide decks. We will iterate on these designs from client to client, but need a strong foundation to build from.

Your mission: help us better communicate the information in these stories in ways that make it easy and compelling to consume.

2. Establish and document guidelines and strandards for the design/visual storytelling of case studies, testimonials, and their supporting assets.

We’d like to put together some written guidelines to help our team and contractors execute against these new templates and ideas ongoing.

Your mission: not only determine the ‘what’, but explain the ‘WHY’ so that other designers can follow and implement your thinking.

Scope and deliverables

>> Phase 1: Research & Review

1. Discuss the content of these assets with our production team to get important context into the stories we tell and clients we serve.

2. Review our existing assets and assess what’s working, what’s not, and why.

3. Conduct research on how other companies present their PDFs, slide decks, and graphics to identify opportunities and ideas for improvement

>> Phase 2: Design

1. Based on what is learned during Phase 1, create new baseline templates and treatments for our core assets:

  • Multi-page PDFs
  • One-sheets
  • Audiograms
  • Social posts
  • Slide Decks

Your ability to contribute to conversations around motion graphics and video components is a ‘nice-to-have,’ but not critical.

2. Provide guidance on how different media might be incorporated into longer written assets: video, photography, illustration, etc.
We’d like you to be able to articulate/plan for how we might incorporate different visual elements as-needed/available.

Phase 3: Document and Deliver

In collaboration with our production team, help us establish clear guidelines on how to approach the different aspects of these assets.

The final output could look like an SOP/written set of guidelines around what to do or avoid when designing the various assets we create in order to make sure the story stays front and center.

What about timeline and payment?

Timeline: ASAP. We’re eager to start working with the right person on this in the near-term.

Payment: Because of the unique nature of this project, we’re looking for quotes from qualified people.

We’re also open to ideas on how to improve or deepen this scope as necessary to achieve the goals we’re targeting, and want to ensure we’re not limiting the right candidate from being able to do their best work by slapping an arbitrary budget number onto things.

You know design and its requirements better than we do: given your experience, you tell us what makes sense for you here.

An ideal candidate…

  • Has proof of ability in information/graphic design; demonstrable experience in designing around and for copy/story.
  • Excels at clearly explaining their thinking and enjoys teaching/explaining the strategy behind design
  • Has strong written communication skills

Bonus if you’re a Canadian and/or open to ongoing design work or potential ongoing employment.

How do I let you know I’m interested?

To communicate your interest, show us your work, and tell us a bit more about yourself, please complete this brief questionnaire:


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