How to Use Case Studies and Video Testimonials in Paid Advertising

BY Holly Yoos
February 2, 2022

You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of prospective customers with your paid ad.

So anything that makes your ad stand out—such as a catchy headline, impressive metric or relatable visual—is worth its weight in gold.

Which is what makes case studies and video testimonials such a rich source of assets for paid advertising.

Because when you create case studies and video testimonials, you don’t just walk away with a case study and video testimonial.

You also walk away with:

  1. Everything that goes into the process of creating those deliverables,
  2. The byproducts of the process of creating those deliverables
  3. Deliverables that you can pick apart, repackage, and repurpose.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

And all of these elements—from the inputs to the byproducts to the outputs—are ripe for use in your paid advertising campaigns.

All of these elements—from the inputs to the byproducts to the outputs—are ripe for use in your paid advertising campaigns.

Here are just a few ideas on how you can deploy some of the following case study-related elements in your paid ad campaigns:

1.   Video testimonials

Video testimonials are an incredibly powerful and versatile advertising asset, partly because we can produce them in a variety of lengths, typically ranging from 30 seconds to two minutes in duration.

You can put these customer video testimonials in your YouTube ads or promoted posts on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms to raise brand awareness and build credibility—especially when used as part of a broader advertising strategy.

YouTube has a variety of ad formats to choose from, so you’ll need to test to see which ones (and which video durations) perform the best.

As one example, you could use your customer testimonial as part of an in-stream, skippable video ad.

Here’s a screenshot of a (very) rough mockup:

YouTube ad example using customer testimonial

Additionally, video testimonials can make great additions to landing pages.

When people click on your ad and are taken to your landing page, they see a customer—who’s just like them—singing your praises in their own words.

It might just be the evidence that prospective customers need to convert.

2.   Snapshot or teaser case studies

Shorter versions of your written case studies (which we call snapshots and teasers) can also be used as part of your advertising campaigns.

Just like video testimonials, these abbreviated case studies are short enough to include on landing pages—and they might just give you the edge you need to increase conversions.

3.   Customer quotes

In the course of creating your written case study, we likely came away with some killer quotes from your customers.

You can also repurpose these quotes in your advertising campaigns.

For example, try putting customer quotes in a graphic along with your customer’s logo and headshot—then put it in your social media ads.

An example:

Testimonial card example

Want to go a step further?

Combine quotes, metrics, and logos (and maybe even a screengrab) to create a simple video ad using YouTube video builder.

4. Headlines

Headlines basically have ONE job: generate enough curiosity so that people want to learn more about the story.

Which makes case study headlines a perfect fit for your advertising—because you want people to click on your ad to learn more.

So try putting your case study headline in your ad messaging to grab attention and get those clicks.

For example, imaging putting these kinds of headlines in your paid search or Display ad:

  • How we helped [client] [result]
  • How we achieved [result] for [client]
  • [Client] gets [result] with [your service]
  • How [client] eliminated [pain point] with [your service]

5. Result metrics

Result metrics that come out of your case study or video testimonial are another powerful asset you can utilize across your advertising campaigns.

Put your most impressive results in your ad headline, body text, or image to snag attention and clicks.

Put your most impressive results in your ad headline, body text, or image to snag attention and clicks.

For example, here’s a (very) rough mock up of how you could put success metrics into a search ad as a sitelink extension (circled in blue):

PPC text ad example using case study metrics

You can also put result metrics on your landing pages to help with conversions and credibility.

6. Slide decks

We often repurpose case studies into slide decks for our clients, which their sales teams use for pitches and presentations.

Those slide decks are great candidates for use in carousel ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms, enabling users to flip from image to image to get the complete story of your customer’s success.

7. Interview audio

Any case study that’s worth its salt will require a customer interview—and the audio from that customer interview is another asset you can use in your paid advertising.

For example, you could include audio segments in ads you deploy on podcasts, streaming services —and even radio!

You could also create an audiogram for use in your advertising campaigns.

8. Customer insights

There’s no telling what you’ll learn in the course of interviewing customers for a case study or customer testimonial.

Often, you’ll come away with unexpected insights about your target audience—including their pain points and the product features and benefits that are most important to them.

This is priceless information you can use to inform your paid advertising strategy—and, in fact, all of your marketing campaigns.

Maximize your advertising ROI with case studies and customer testimonials

Ad campaigns that utilize your customer success stories, and their byproducts, are a surefire way to capture your ideal audience and deliver content that makes them convert.

Want your next case study to come complete with ad-ready assets?

We offer supporting asset packages that can include:

  • Slide decks
  • Testimonial videos
  • Testimonial card images
  • Wireframe landing pages
  • Ad copy

Contact us and we’ll get you started.

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