How We Served as a Force Multiplier for LWES’s Small Marketing Team

BY Steven Peters
June 1, 2023

With a tight-knit team of only seven full-time employees, Latrina Walden Exam Solutions (LWES) needed a partner to help capture student and alumni stories and then turn them into persuasive case studies. They partnered with Case Study Buddy in order to…

  • Capture in-depth interviews with three students
  • Rapidly produce a case study for each without heavy-lifting on LWES’s part
  • Strategically deploy each case study and maximize ROI

Check out this case study about our work with LWES, or read on to hear what Janiece Jenkins, COO, has to say about the process.


Q: Why did you partner with Case Study Buddy?

Janiece: With only seven of us, you can imagine how much work we’re doing individually. We needed someone to focus, sit with our students, and dive into their stories.

Q: Why case studies specifically vs. a bunch of reviews?

Janiece: We have brand ambassadors and people leaving reviews on Facebook, but we needed something that dug a little deeper. Nurse Practitioners don’t have time to look through 1,000 reviews. So marketing to them is very specific. They want to read about the personal stories of actual students, to better understand how we can help them on their journey as well.

“[Nurse Practitioners] want to read about the personal stories of actual students.”


Q: Did Case Study Buddy’s interviews capture that personal journey?

Janiece: Yes! I say that Nurse Practitioners are so straightforward. But I could tell after reading through the case studies and listening to the interviews… that they were phenomenal! After hearing the detail that the interviewers were able to extract, I was like, “Wow! Y’all gave your whole life story in these case studies.” We were super impressed that they had that much to say about us and we’re super happy.

Q: What about the process? Easy or hard?

Janiece: Case Study Buddy added value by making it easy for us to capture client stories. We move so quickly here—we have to, with the industry we’re in. Having a partner to streamline the process is invaluable.

Q: How did the case studies turn out? Did they feel “third-party”?

Janiece: We got our first case study back and it was flawless. The branding was good—the way they incorporated our brand colors, as well as our voice. We like to say we’re fun and energetic; we’re not your stuffy professors who stand in front of a whiteboard and read off the PowerPoint. For Case Study Buddy to capture that was very important to us.

Q: How many revisions did it take to nail that brand voice?

Janiece: We sent Case Study Buddy some branding material and, honestly, they nailed it on the first go-around. Our team loves them. We were like, “Wow, this is super fancy.” [laughs]

Q: What was Case Study Buddy’s biggest value-add to the process?

Janiece: The value was we didn’t just get a case study. We also got a team that was helping us think bigger. Case Study Buddy knows what they’re doing, so to have access to their team and knowledge on how to utilize your asset in different spaces is huge.

Q: You said that Case Study Buddy “helped you think bigger.” What did that look like in practice?

Janiece: Once the case study was complete, they came back and said, “Do you want help creating strategies on how to utilize your new case study?” And I was like, “Yes. Yes, I would.” [laughs] For Case Study Buddy to come back and say, “We went through this whole process, now how can we help you further utilize your asset?” … I really appreciated that.

“We got our first case study back and it was flawless.”


Q: How have you deployed your case studies?

Janiece: They completed our website. We’re incorporating them into our paid marketing. I also want to place them in our demo course, which we send to clients as we’re building a relationship with them, and use them in emails.

Q: Have you measured any ROI since deployment?

Janiece: To specifically say “this case study is bringing us this much money” is hard. But they have definitely enhanced what we were already doing. We have a good product. Scratch that—we have a great product. So all that’s left is getting in front of more eyes. Case studies help us do that.

Q: What would you say to other bandwidth-starved companies who need case studies?

Janiece: I enjoy how Case Study Buddy takes out the extra work. They come in with a full A–Z process that makes everything extremely seamless and they deliver an end product that we—and our students—are happy with. 

Nobody on our team had the time or the effort to dive into these stories to, first of all, make sure that we had a complete story and, second of all, make it look as great as it does. That’s where Case Study Buddy helps.

“I enjoy how Case Study Buddy takes out the extra work. They come in with a full A–Z process that makes everything extremely seamless.”

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