What the Top 50 SaaS Companies Do With Their Case Studies (Free Report!)

BY Holly Yoos
February 21, 2023

Learn valuable lessons for creating your customer case studies and video testimonials at scale.

If you’ve ever looked at your company’s case studies and wondered:

  • How many customer success stories should you have?
  • Should you prioritize written case studies over video testimonials? Or vice versa?
  • How long should your written case studies be?
  • How can you help prospects (and your sales team) find case studies that are most relevant to them?
  • How should you lay out your written case studies to make them more compelling and digestible? And should you have them in HTML format? PDF? Or what?
  • Where can you find good examples that you can emulate?

And most importantly: How can you bake case studies and video testimonials into your sales and marketing process to create them at scale?

This report has answers to these questions and more, drawing from the most common and best practices among the biggest SaaS companies out there—with lessons that every company can use, big or small.

Packed with stats, recommendations, and examples, you can download your free copy here.

Ya, you like that? Well, there’s more where that came from!

Why Case Study Buddy’s Process is Such a Big Differentiator for HubSpot

HubSpot maintains a robust customer success story program. They publish 20–30 case studies each year about how satisfied customers use HubSpot to grow their businesses. Since 2020, Case Study Buddy has been a key partner in capturing those stories and turning them into powerful case studies. Together, we… 🎯 Generated 3X more case studies per month 🎯 Freed up 100+ hours/month for the marketing team 🎯 Exceeded HubSpot’s coverage gap goals by 26% Sam Cahoon, Associate Product Marketing Manager, says...

BY Steven Peters

How to Measure the ROI of a Case Study or Testimonial

How do you measure the ROI of a case study or testimonial? It’s the dreaded line of questioning… “How many conversions is this case study driving?” “We invested $4,000 into this story—what is it doing for us?” “What’s the ROI from all of this customer marketing activity?” These questions aren’t dreaded because customer stories aren’t valuable—they are! But the truth is, sometimes the “ROI of a case study” is slippery at best, especially for marketing minds more accustomed to measuring...

BY Joel Klettke

How Case Studies Help Mobile Escape Impress Buyers and Prospects

Mobile Escape is the creator of Escape Mail, an award-winning product that brings the ‘escape room’ style game experience to remote teams and classrooms via the mail. They even create custom experiences, such as the ‘Mission to Mars’ game created for Ag for Life. Case Study Buddy helped Mobile Escape capture Ag for Life’s experience with this bespoke product and turn it into a case study that… Demonstrates proof of concept to buyers Communicates clear value to businesses and nonprofits...

BY Steven Peters

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