What the Top 50 SaaS Companies Do With Their Case Studies (Free Report!)

BY Holly Yoos
February 21, 2023

Learn valuable lessons for creating your customer case studies and video testimonials at scale.

If you’ve ever looked at your company’s case studies and wondered:

  • How many customer success stories should you have?
  • Should you prioritize written case studies over video testimonials? Or vice versa?
  • How long should your written case studies be?
  • How can you help prospects (and your sales team) find case studies that are most relevant to them?
  • How should you lay out your written case studies to make them more compelling and digestible? And should you have them in HTML format? PDF? Or what?
  • Where can you find good examples that you can emulate?

And most importantly: How can you bake case studies and video testimonials into your sales and marketing process to create them at scale?

This report has answers to these questions and more, drawing from the most common and best practices among the biggest SaaS companies out there—with lessons that every company can use, big or small.

Packed with stats, recommendations, and examples, you can download your free copy here.

Ya, you like that? Well, there’s more where that came from!

A B2B Case Study Example: How Stripe Is Paying It Forward

A good B2B case study example isn’t always easy to find. So when I saw Stripe sharing their customer success stories online, I was impressed. I was immediately struck by how Stripe consistently positions their customers as the hero of their customer success stories. It’s a thread that runs through all—and every part of—their stories, from the challenges section of their written case studies to their video testimonials to their social media posts. Stripe also puts these success stories to work across their...

BY Holly Yoos

How We Helped Lever Create 22 Case Study Assets in 12 Months

In a highly competitive industry, Lever’s ATS and CRM platform was gaining ground. But in order to truly rise above the crowd, they needed to turn out strategic case studies at scale. With eager customers lining up to share their successes, the small customer marketing team only lacked the time to produce the stories effectively. With Case Study Buddy, Lever gained a partner with tactical expertise and an enterprise-friendly process that delivered: 🎯 22 targeted case study assets produced in...

BY Laurie Zottmann

How to Get Buy-in for Your Case Studies

For most companies, getting buy-in is by far the hardest part of the case study process. Sure, you might also struggle with defining strategy or finding the internal bandwidth to create case studies. But for most companies, getting a yes in the first place is the biggest hurdle. And that “yes” needs to come both internally (from within your own organization) and externally (from the customer). Getting external case study buy-in When a customer says no to being in a...

BY Holly Yoos

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The State of SaaS Customer Success Stories in 2023

See what the top 50 SaaS companies are doing with their case studies and video testimonials. 

Get valuable takeaways you can use to level up your own marketing, applicable to any size or type of company. 

The State of SaaS Customer Success Stories 2023