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FAQ: Answers for Curious People

Pricing depends on the assets and packages you order.

But as a ballpark, our most popular written asset (Narrative) starts at $2,750.
Packages start from $3,500 — saving you a bundle.

That pricing includes our end-to-end approach: project and account management, coordination, interviewing, asset creation, editing, managing revisions and approvals, and design.

You get assets tailored to your goals, an efficient experience for you and your customer, and formats that fit your sales/marketing mix.

Absolutely! We can share resources to help you secure that first project, or even provide services to surface candidates.

Plus, we can get all the paperwork squared up so that when you’re ready to go, we can strike while the iron is hot.

Sure! We’re happy to provide advice on how to make the ask, including email templates you can tweak.

We also offer paid services for helping surface potential candidates. Please contact us to discuss.

What we don’t do is contact your clients to ask for permission on your behalf. It doesn’t work; it’s better coming from your team.

Sure! We’re not here to force formats or hard sell you; your order is up to you.

But because case studies are high-effort assets, it’s worth considering how you can maximize your ROI from each one.

Different formats work better in different circumstances: for example, you’d never open up a 1,500 word study on a call. That’s what a slide deck or one-sheet is for.

It’s all about finding what fits your needs.

That depends on the quality and availability and depth of the source material (transcripts, etc.) as well as  whether or not your customer has signed the proper release.

In general, we prefer to start from scratch, but we’d love the chance to discuss.

Usually! If you can share an example of what you’re after, we can assess and quote for this.

There may be a one-time initial setup cost as we create an internal template and train our team on the format you’re after.

Sometimes we use studies-in-progress as a launching off point for a new relationship; we want to meet you where you’re at!

That said, it’s unlikely to reduce the price, and may even add to it.

We’ll still need to review the raw material (which can be great, awful, or anywhere in between), review briefs, close gaps via email or interview, adjust formats, secure approval, and manage the project.

Long-term, we only stay in relationships where we handle the process end-to-end. It’s what we’re best at, and what we’re set up for.

Because we need direct contact with your customers to do our work, we do not offer white labelling.

We’re happy to explore referral relationships; please contact us to discuss.