Capture video testimonials at your next live event

Live events are the single best opportunity to real, powerful, high-quality customer testimonials a fraction of the cost.

We help you capitalize: at any event, anywhere in the world.

Trusted by B2B leaders at events around the world

Not (just) a camera crew:
Your partner in planning and strategy.

We help you maximize participation, capture powerful stories, secure approval, and create great experiences for customers at events.

Keep coordination calm

Skip the chaos: from video aesthetics to room setup, signage to snacks, we’ll work with you to make sure every tiny detail is accounted for.

Get customers on board

We’ll craft winning invite emails and reminders, then spin up tracking sheets to keep everyone on the same page.

Capture every ideal quote

Together, we map out your sales and marketing goals, then craft a strategy and interview questions to capture footage to support them.

Drive sales with (approved!) videos

No more stacks of unused footage! 
We edit interviews into powerful cuts of video and can even navigate approvals on your behalf.

Work with the team behind 2,000+
case studies and video testimonials.

Our process for capturing event testimonials:

Whether it’s a conference, tradeshow, customer appreciation night or something else, we’ve got you covered.

From venue selection to setup, video aesthetic to content strategy, we’ll guide you through the decisions that will maximize your ROI and give your customers an incredible experience.

Before the event, we work closely with you to…

  • Select customers to take part
  • Craft and send targeted invite emails
  • Secure approval for video
  • Craft question sets for each customer
  • Track the entire process.

From identifying key quotes and metrics to ensuring customers feel confident and ready to participate, we’re there to help.

When the big day arrives, we’ll set everything up and welcome your clients into a warm, comfortable atmosphere.

Our producer will interview them, capture an incredible story, and make them feel appreciated at every turn.

Our skilled editors transform every interview into powerful customer proof.

We highlight the most compelling moments, add your branding, and ensure every video is an authentic  celebration of your customers’ success—and your relationship.

We’ll align on a prioritized delivery schedule, and can even navigate final customer approvals for you.

You get launch-ready videos you can put to work right away.

And remember: videos can be transformed into additional written assets to drive even more ROI.

Let's make your next event a video testimonials goldmine.

Event Video Testimonial FAQ

Everything you want to know about how we
come at customer testimonials at events, but were too afraid to ask.

We come to you!

While we’re limited to producing content in English, our team will come to your event regardless of where in the world it may be.

We’re based in North America, but can easily send our small team to your event no matter where it is.

We quote in three phases to your scope:

  1. Planning and coordination – for strategy setting and help with invites, tracking, approvals, etc.
  2. Production – for the onsite shooting costs, and finally,
  3. Post-production, where you’re only billed for the videos we actually create. 

Costs can vary a fair bit depending on the location, number of shooting days, and final cuts (e.g. we always deliver both a ~0:30 cut and <3:00 cut of each interview, but can add more cuts.)

Generally: you should have at least $25,000 to invest across all three phases.

Contact us now for a bespoke quote. 

In most cases, our in-house film crew will travel to your customer’s location to conduct the shoot, with our producer (who will be deeply familiar with your goals, aesthetic, etc.) running the interviews.

We collaborate with you ahead of time on question sets, goals, etc. so that we know your space—and your customers—very well. 

Each interview lasts about 15-30 minutes depending on our joint goals for your footage.

We’ll send them some resources to help them get approval internally, and we’ll ask them to review the clips once created to sign off on how they are presented.

That’s it! 

Generally, it’s best if your event is at least 2-3 months away so that we can work with you to fully map out logistics, send invitations, secure approval, create question sets for each interview, etc.

That said, please get in touch as early as possible, and if you’re in a time crunch, let us know.

We’re excited to support and collaborate with you by crafting invite emails, setting up tracking sheets, and advising on the process of inviting customers and securing buy-in.

What we *don’t* do is reach out on your behalf, because win rates would be abysmal.

We've delivered 1000+ stories for 300+ B2B brands

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