How to Prepare Customers for B2B Video Testimonials

So your customer has agreed to provide you with a video testimonial. Wonderful! Now you need to make sure they’re ready for the shoot. Here are four things you can do to prepare your customers for B2B video testimonials—without overwhelming them with requirements and suggestions: 1. Guide them on how to dress The first question many customers will have is what to wear. Generally, solid colours are better than patterns. All-white or all-black outfits are challenging to light properly. Small...

BY Holly Yoos

What Kind of Customer Makes a Good Case Study Candidate?

Who should you feature in a case study? It might sound like an obvious question, but if you’re going to go to the effort of creating case studies for your marketing and sales teams, you want to make sure you select the right case study candidates. Given that, which customers should you ask to participate? What makes a great case study candidate? Often, it’s tempting to just ask customers that are top of mind—and that will likely agree to participate....

BY Holly Yoos

18 Ways to Use Case Studies in Your Email Marketing

We’re always talking about how case studies are one of the hardest-working types of content. They can help you: Build brand awareness Present solutions that solve your audience’s pain Grease the wheels for decision making Showcase results that inspire new leads But did you know that email marketing is the perfect channel for sharing your stories? With hard numbers, big results, and a gripping story, case studies leap out of the inbox. And with email’s special features like segmenting and...

BY Laurie Zottmann

How to Capture Your Target Reader With Your Anonymous Case Study

If your case study is anonymous, how can you be sure it gets read? Every case study should be aimed at a defined target reader. It might be CFOs of SaaS companies, or IT managers of financial institutions, or marketing directors of digital advertising agencies or something even more specific. Usually, you can use your customer’s brand name and logo as a signal to that target reader. Those brands and logos wave a flag, saying, “Hey CFO/CEO/director/etc., here’s a company you...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Define Your Case Study Strategy (And Why You Need One)

Unfortunately, few companies have a defined customer case study strategy in place. Often, they’ll just identify a good customer or project (“This would make a great case study!”) and then fly at it. If they get that case study done, they may eventually turn to another good candidate and repeat the process. And that’s as far as it goes. But when you take this piecemeal approach, and overlook the strategy piece, you may run into the following problems: You struggle to...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Ask for Video Testimonials and Case Studies

There’s no better weapon to convince prospective clients to work with you than a video case study. Seeing your existing customers describe what it was like to work with you in their own words—on camera—is incredibly powerful. However, getting customers to agree to participate in video testimonials and case studies isn’t always easy. They may feel uncomfortable on camera, or they may not have the time. They may begrudge the effort it will take to dress appropriately and show up...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Write Powerful Anonymous Case Studies

How do you write an anonymous case study worth reading? In a perfect world, every customer would let you tell the story of how you helped them succeed in a case study. But sometimes, customers are constrained by their legal departments—or the story is just too sensitive—and so they decline to participate. Other times, though, customers will agree to share their story as long as their name isn’t attached to it. Which means you’ll need to learn how to anonymize a...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Create Tension in Case Studies With No Before-After Comparison

What do you do when you’re writing a case study with no before-after comparison? A case study where you have no insights into the situation that existed before your amazing product or solution was implemented? How can you create tension or suspense in your case study without that? Because when you distill most case studies down to their bare structure, the story is: Bad thing happens (or, is happening) Solution is implemented Problem is solved. But what if your interviewee...

BY Holly Yoos

Is a Metric-Driven Headline Always the Best Choice for Your Customer Success Stories?

One of the golden rules of case study writing is to put an impressive metric into headlines instead of using qualitative descriptions of success. So instead of saying: “How [Customer A] Increased Sales With the Help of [Company B]” or “How [Customer A] beats back the competition with [Company B product/service],” you would say something like: “How [Customer A] Increased Sales by 25% With the Help of [Company B].” Of course, you won’t always have good metrics to worth with,...

BY Holly Yoos

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