How to Choose the Best Interviewee for a Video Testimonial

You have a customer success story you’re ready to share with the world with a video testimonial, a written case study, and social media graphics. But first, you have to decide whom to interview. Sometimes the answer is straightforward. If the customer’s business is small, with only one person involved, your choice of interviewee is obvious. But when a project is complex, involving multiple teams and people, whom should you ask to participate? Should you go with the CEO? The...

BY Holly Yoos

Why You Need B-Roll Footage for Your Customer Video Testimonial

Given its name, you might think “B-roll” footage isn’t important. But good B-roll footage can take a wandering interview and transform it into a tight, cohesive, customer video testimonial that grabs the attention of your target audience. That’s why when you work with our team to create a customer video testimonial, one of the first things we’ll talk to you about is B-roll footage. But first, let’s clarify what B-roll footage is—and where you might find it. What is B-roll...

BY Holly Yoos

11 Ways to Use Audiogram Testimonials in B2B Marketing

How useful are audiograms in your B2B marketing? Try combining the persuasive power of testimonial quotes, live customer references, and streaming media into a single, irresistible asset. That’s right. Audiogram testimonials are the bomb for corporate sales persuasion. They deliver a triple-threat of credibility, memorability, and laser-targeted messaging about exactly who you help and what results you deliver. If you’re not already using them to promote yourself (and your case study content) in every channel, you will be soon. Why...

BY Laurie Zottmann

16 Ways to Empower Your Sales Team with Case Studies

Case studies make ideal assets for sales enablement. When your sales reps can show prospects a success story about a customer just like them, it instantly positions your solution as the perfect fit and greases the wheels for an enthusiastic yes. But in spite of their streamlined persuasion power, your sales team might not be utilizing your case studies to their farthest possible extent. Why is that the case? It might be because your existing case studies: Don’t speak to...

BY Laurie Zottmann

THIS is What’s Stopping Your Case Studies in Their Tracks

Fear kills more case studies than rejection or refusal ever will. And that fear applies to both parties involved: both you and your customer. Fortunately, you can mitigate (and even eliminate) those fears if you know what they are and what to do about them. So let’s take a closer look at where fear comes into play—and what you (and our Case Study Buddy team) can do to shut it down. 1. Fear of asking Companies shoot themselves in both...

BY Holly Yoos

Choose the Right Metrics to Keep Your Customer Success Stories Focused

You wouldn’t put every spice in your spice rack into the same dish. Because that mix of cinnamon, sage, fennel, tarragon, rosemary, and dill is going to taste BAD. Likewise, you shouldn’t throw every success metric you have into a single case study—because it will make a confusing, unpalatable mess. Customer success stories need to be focused Customer success stories are most delectable when the outcome achieved ties directly to the problem experienced. Sure, you can still mention a small...

BY Holly Yoos

What to Look for in a Case Study Partner

You’ll find plenty of good reasons to work with an outside partner to create your B2B customer case studies. But when you opt to work with someone outside, you have to choose very, very carefully. Customer success stories aren’t like most other sales and marketing assets, such as blog posts, infographics, slide decks, or reports. Because when you work with an outside partner to create your customer case studies, you’re giving them permission to interface directly with your most valued...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Use Case Studies and Video Testimonials in Paid Advertising

You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of prospective customers with your paid ad. So anything that makes your ad stand out—such as a catchy headline, impressive metric or relatable visual—is worth its weight in gold. Which is what makes case studies and video testimonials such a rich source of assets for paid advertising. Because when you create case studies and video testimonials, you don’t just walk away with a case study and video testimonial. You also...

BY Holly Yoos

23 Ways to Use Case Studies in Social Media

Have you got case studies in hand and openings in your social media calendar? Then you’ve got the makings of some scroll-stopping posts. With their eye-catching metrics and compelling quotes, success stories make your social audiences perk up and click to learn more. The great thing about case studies is you can break them into different assets that you can use in virtually any channel. It’s what makes them the most versatile resource in your sales and marketing arsenal. And...

BY Laurie Zottmann

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