Why Case Studies Should Be a Team Sport

After years of working with organizations of all sizes—from tiny startups to gargantuan enterprises—we’ve seen many different efforts to create case studies at scale.  Here’s one of the most important lessons we’ve learned: If you want your case study program to knock it out of the park every single time, treat your case studies like a team sport.  When marketing tries to create case studies alone without sales, customer success, and leadership in their corner, the perspectives and needs of...

BY Sam Harrison

Why Case Studies Matter for Bidding and Tendering

Case studies are the most persuasive proof that you can include within a tender submission. A good case study demonstrates that you have: Excelled on past contracts of comparable size and scope Delivered similar projects on time and within budget Anticipated and/or navigated potential contract disruptions A bidding company that claims to be ‘highly experienced’ will almost always lose out to a competitor that’s able to back up its experience with accolades, compelling customer testimonials, and case studies. Importance of...

BY Steven Peters

Why Playvox Partners with Case Study Buddy to Create Its #1 Sales Asset

Year in and year out, case studies remain one of Playvox’s most effective marketing tools. Its satisfied customers include Veeqo, which saved over 500+ agent hours a year by consolidating support ticket data, and Afterpay, which increased agent productivity by 30%. Case Study Buddy helps Playvox capture and tell stories like these. Having real customer testimonials enables sales and demand gen teams to better: 🎯 Showcase the real-world impact of their products and services 🎯 Persuade new leads in similar...

BY Steven Peters

B2B Case Study Examples: What Can We Learn from 3 SaaS Giants?

Want to refresh your company’s case study game, but not sure where to start? This article is here to help! We’re holding a magnifying glass up to three leading enterprise companies. You can use some of their ideas and our recommendations to optimize your own programs. So grab your wetsuit and join us on a deep dive into the B2B case study examples of 3 hugely familiar SaaS giants—, Zoom, and Shopify. Table of contents I. analysis II. Zoom...

BY Ian Winterton

How We Saved a Cloudnexa Case Study When Everything Went Wrong

With so many steps, stakeholders, and unique challenges, a lot can go wrong when doing a case study no matter how prepared you go in. So: what do you do when things go sideways? Every company doing customer stories will face this question at some point.  One defining example for Case Study Buddy came at the outset of our relationship with Cloudnexa. It was Spring 2021. Cloudnexa had found us through a personal referral. Onboarding had been smooth, and CEO...

BY Steven Peters

7 Things Best-in-Class B2Bs Do to Produce Customer Success Stories at Scale

Why can some B2B companies publish 50+ case studies a year … while others struggle to publish even one? Best-in-class B2B companies approach their customer success stories in ways their competitors don’t. Not only have these B2Bs figured out how to surface and produce case studies at scale, but they also learned how to use those assets to drive considerable revenue—rather than just marginal returns. If you’ve ever struggled to: Surface customer success stories Create the types of case studies...

BY Holly Yoos

How Cloudnexa Turns Case Studies Into Opportunities Worth Up to 500x ROI

As an AWS Premier Partner, Cloudnexa is required to complete a number of case studies every year to maintain its AWS Partner Network (APN) tier status. Case Study Buddy helps Cloudnexa elevate its stories and empowers sales and marketing teams with the collateral they need to… Demonstrate expertise, especially on topics like compliance Earn credibility faster with Cloudnexa’s target audience Save time—up to 150 hours/year on case study production Cloudnexa has trusted Case Study Buddy to tell its success stories...

BY Steven Peters

An eComm Case Study Example: How AfterShip Delivers the Full Package

Most B2B companies know they need case studies. They build trust, they’re relatable, and they give sales teams valuable tools to close the deal.  But once they have them, too many of those companies underutilize the assets they’ve worked so hard to create.  That’s why I was pleased to see AfterShip’s full-funnel use of case studies across their social media and website.  I first encountered Aftership’s case studies because of the colorful selection of customer quotes they posted on their...

BY Sam Harrison

100 Ways to Use Your Case Studies (Free Report!)

Wring every ounce of ROI out of your customer success stories. Case studies aren’t just for building awareness. They can be your most versatile sales and marketing asset that you can deploy across the buyer’s journey—and beyond. In this jam-packed report, we detail 100 ways to use and repurpose your case studies, including: 29 ways to use them for outbound marketing 30 ways to use them for inbound marketing 12 ways to use them for recruitment and internal needs 29...

BY Holly Yoos

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