You want case studies full of glowing testimonials and impressive stats. We know how to get them.

Whether it’s on your website, in an email or used in a pitch, nothing convinces leads like a case study.

But getting buy-in is tough.
And the back/forth is painful.

So you cobble case studies together in-house (and they never convert)
Or you hire some hack freelancer who butchers the story and embarrasses you in front of your client.

Not with Case Study Buddy.

We’re the case study experts who know how to get buy-in, capture your customers’ story and turn it into a super-powered sales asset…

Without embarrassing you or wasting your client’s time.

How it Works

Discovery & Buy-In

Together, we talk strategy, formats, and best-fit candidates for a study.

If you need help getting buy-in, we’ll arm you with assets (email templates, a pitch packet, release forms and more!) and coach you on how to use them.

Once your client agrees, we take the reins.

Outreach templates, a pitch packet & customized interview questions.

Your client will enjoy the white-glove treatment.

We set up a quick interview (40 mins or less) or email survey, then send them questions so they can prepare.

And because we know exactly what to ask to get juicy details and powerful quotes, you’ll learn…

  • The challenges that led them to you
  • Why they chose you over any other option
  • The real reasons they love working with you
  • The specific results you’ve helped achieve,


  • What you can do to make them even happier!
A .mp3 recording and transcript of the call, PLUS an email summary with all the highlights.

You get to focus on other areas of your business while we transform that interview into a persuasive customer success story full of quotes, details and success metrics.

If photos are appropriate, we’ll add them, too.

To kick back and relax while we do all the heavy lifting.

You don’t need to lift a finger: we manage the entire approval process.

You and your client are free to ask for any revisions you like, so you can both be confident the best story is being told.

A publish-ready draft that your client loves as much as you do.
Design (Optional)

If you want a beautiful sales asset you can use right away, we can create it for you.

Starting with one of our templates, our design team turns your case study into a stunning high-res PDF, customized with your brand’s logo/colors and your client’s headshot/logo.

Want a full-custom PDF design with charts, graphs, and illustrations? Just ask – we’ll give you a quote!

Social proof that closes the deal before leads even pick up the phone.


You’ve got a powerful case study you can use on your site, in emails, in meetings or anywhere your leads are.

And it usually takes less than three weeks—including the interview, write up, revisions and design!

A powerful new sales asset and a trustworthy team ready to create a whole lot more of them.

Check out our latest work

Need another format, length or style?
Let us know! We're here to make you look good.

The ultimate sales enablement and marketing asset

You can use one great case study OVER and OVER again, across your entire funnel!

  • Convert leads with downloadable studies
  • Send case studies with RFPs and proposals
  • Arm your sales team with shareable assets
  • Boost credibility in email campaigns
  • Share testimonials on your website and landing pages
  • Spice up presentations with quotes and success metrics
  • Share success stories at trade shows and conferences
  • Train your sales team on best practices
  • Turn case studies into Q&A blog posts and more
  • Send case studies in your newsletters

B2B businesses love us, and you will too.

We'd never done case studies in the past, because the first step was so unclear. Case Study Buddy made everything super easy.

We could see the process involved, the output we’d get, and the cost of what it would be - so it quickly became an easy business decision. That’s all you could ever ask for!
Jon Cooper
Owner, Point Blank SEO
Case studies were a marketing tool I knew I needed but didn't know how to craft myself. I'd tried working with copywriters in the past, but none had a formal process for interviewing, writing and designing a case study.

Case Study Buddy's process was quick and simple. They saved me countless hours and the final product exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect end-to-end solution for my business.
Calin Yablonski
Owner, Inbound Law Marketing
Writing case studies was a daunting task for us. We didn't know where to begin or what questions to ask, and clients never seemed to follow through when we asked.

Case Study Buddy did everything - with almost no time or effort for me! The best part was that I could completely trust their team to represent our company professionally with our clients.
Mike Robertson
Vice President, Ravenshoe Group

Get a Quote or Ask a Question

Curious about our pricing? Need help getting buy-in?
Contact us right away—we’d love to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work?
We collect a 50% down payment up front for your order via credit card (using Stripe) or bank transfer.

After we've interviewed your client, this deposit is non-refundable.
What's the turnaround time like?
We can usually finish the first draft of your case study within 1.5 weeks of the client interview.

Revisions and final approval times depend on you and your client, but we work hard to collect all feedback and revisions within 30 days or less.
Can I sit in on the call?
You can - but it's best if you don't.

Clients are more candid when they know you’re not listening in.

We've got a team of account managers and journalists who know how to conduct interviews professionally while respecting your client's time and privacy. We also provide an audio recording and transcript of the call for your reference.

If you'd still like to sit in, no sweat! We'll respectfully ask that you let us lead the call and ask the questions.
Can you interview multiple people for one case study?
Yes - though we usually find that having just one or two champions from the client's side leads to a better case study.
To keep calls on track, we allow a maximum of two people from your client's side to sit in on a single interview.

Additional interviews will incur a $200 fee.
We already have case studies. Can you copy their design/format?
Maybe -- but we'll need to make sure that the project will remain in scope.
We do recommend letting us what we do best.

For design, we may not be able to completely mimic what already exists, but we'll certainly come as close as anyone could.
What’s included in the customized PDF?
We customize one of our beautiful templates, adding your brand’s logo and colors, inserting your client’s headshot and company logo, and highlighting your case study’s quotes.

If you already have screenshots, charts or graphs you'd like to incorporate, we'll do our best to make them work. The design process does not include totally custom illustrations, and we retain the design files.

If you'd like a completely custom design, let us know and we'll send you a quote!