Client interviews are tricky.

But Lindsay, Case Study Buddy’s Customer Success champion, has spent HUNDREDS of hours running successful interviews for our clients.

We asked her to share some of the specific questions she’s found useful in getting great responses while on a live call. These are just a few of the ones she shared:


  1. “Can you tell me about you, your role and what success looks like for you?”
    Lindsay’s note: It’s a simple question, but finding out what success looks like gives great insight for what results to target later on in the interview!
  2. Can you walk me through what was going on at your company before you started working with ______?
  3. Why did you feel it was time for a change?
    Lindsay’s note: This is a non-threatening way to ask what wasn’t working, and helps bring context to the conversation!
  4. What stood out about ______? What made you decide to go with them?
  5. What made them your ideal solution?


  1. Once you decided to work with ______, what was implementation/the beginning of your relationship like? Was it a smooth transition?
  2. What changes did you notice early on? How did things progress?
  3. Can you walk me through the process, step by step, of how ______ helped you?
  4. Was there anything that surprised you, or stood out to you, about ______?
  5. How has ______ made your role easier? What about other departments?
  6. What has your personal experience been working within the tool/with the team?


  1. What would you consider the biggest success of your relationship?
  2. Where have you seen the biggest increase/impact?
  3. Can you quantify those results? For example…
    Lindsay’s note: It’s important to encourage the interviewee by mentioning specific metrics or outcomes. And hopefully, you gave them lead time to pull this stuff!
  4. Were you expecting to see the type of results you experienced?
  5. How has ______ evolved with you? How have they managed to remain your ideal solution both then and now?
    Lindsay’s note: This question can really open up unique avenues of questioning and capture the dynamic nature of the client/provider relationship!
  6. Can you think of an example of how working with them has changed your thought process/strategy/the way you do business?
  7. If you were to recommend ______ to a friend or a colleague, what would you tell them?

Lindsay’s note: I also find it super important before the interview starts to make them feel comfortable and explain the process – what to expect in the interview and after. And to stress that they have complete control over what is included in the final draft!

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