How We Help New Energy Risk Turn Uncertain Prospects Into Committed Clients

New Energy Risk needed a clear way to demonstrate to leads what they brought to the table. It was time to get serious about creating customer success stories.

Case Study Buddy was there to help.

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New Energy Risk helps insure technical risk for breakthrough technologies to optimize cost of capital, accelerate time to market, and provide certainty of execution.

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Struggling to communicate their value to prospects in a highly technical niche

When tech companies dream up exciting new solutions to global problems (such as the energy crisis), New Energy Risk helps by providing risk assessments and other products that prove the technology works—and it’s worth funding. 

But clearly articulating their value proposition was a constant struggle. New Energy Risk operates in a highly technical niche and their clients often require bespoke solutions. 

Consequently, after hearing the elevator pitch, prospects often asked the same frustrating question: “That’s fantastic, but can you tell me one more time, what do you actually do?” 

It was slowing down the sales process and preventing prospects from crossing the finish line. 

When the new Director of Execution, Dvorit Mausner, joined the business, she knew they needed a clearer way to prove how much value New Energy Risk brought to the table. It was time to get serious about creating customer success stories.

“While potential clients were often confused by our products, our existing clients were always ecstatic about the work we did together,” says Dvorit.

“If we could capture more of our customer success  stories, we’d communicate the complexities of our work through the words and experiences of our clients—who could explain it in simpler terms.”

But gathering and creating the stories felt like a mountain to climb. Operating with a lean team, there was no way they could divert in-house resources to create the stories.

“We aim for the highest levels of professionalism in everything we do,” explains Dvorit. “So to create case  studies that met those standards within our internal team would be too much of a burden on our time.”

Dvorit needed a partner to take the stress, time, and hassle out of creating case studies. But it was going to be a tough ask, because whoever they partnered with would need to:

  • Talk like subject-matter experts—be able to deeply understand their vertical and speak with authority.
  • Learn the industry lingo—talk like a subject matter expert,  while carefully navigating around topics that might cause legal complications. 
  • Flip jargon into plain English—turn a highly technical subject into a story that was not only readable but attractive to New Energy Risk’s target audience.
  • Live and breathe their standards—match the quality and professionalism that exemplifies all New Energy Risk content, and ensure that it meets legal approval. 
  • Provide a stress-free process—make the process as smooth and painless as possible for New Energy Risk and its clients, so that nobody’s time is wasted.

“If we could capture more of our customer success  stories, we’d communicate the complexities of our  work through the words and experiences of our  clients—who could explain it in simpler terms.”

Dvorit Mausner (Direction of Execution, New Energy Risk)


Success stories told through the client’s lens that speak the industry language

As Dvorit settled into her new role, she learned that her predecessor had created one case study through Case Study Buddy. They’d started a second, but it had fallen by the wayside during the team’s transition.

When Dvorit read over that draft, she was wowed by the storytelling and could see its potential for turning heads with prospects.

Case Study Buddy’s superstar project manager, Morgan Mayes, stepped in to get the project over the finish line.

“I could tell that Case Study Buddy had very well thought out processes, because Morgan was able to walk me through the rest of the project and deliver a customer success story that blew me away,” says Dvorit.

Impressed with the ease and efficiency of working with Case Study Buddy, Dvorit quickly commissioned a third story. She was amazed by how smooth and professional every step of their process was,  which included:

  • Kick-off call—Case Study Buddy talked to Dvorit to ensure that they were still aligned with New Energy Risk’s goals. They also discussed how to streamline their approval process (including review by legal).
  • Customer interview—Case Study Buddy worked around Dvorit’s customer’s schedule. An experienced interviewer captured all of the information they could about securing finance for a first-of-its-kind plastic recycling plant—and they did it in under 35 minutes.
  • Transcript review and further research—a Case Study Buddy copywriter buckled down on industry research. They lived and breathed risk-assessment terminology,  reading industry reports and website copy, until they could write like a subject-matter expert.
  • First draftCase Study Buddy’s copywriter kept the story tightly focused on the customer’s big win: aggregating debt capital and securing project financing.  Refining the first draft took collaboration, but turnaround still happened within one week.
  • Case study reviewDvorit and New Energy Risk’s legal team reviewed and made small changes, but thanks to Case Study Buddy’s early legwork and industry research, nothing substantial needed to be changed. Next, her customer and their legal team reviewed and made a few more changes. Every round of revisions was completed within 24 hours.
  • DesignAfter New Energy Risk and their customer signed off on the written draft,  Case Study Buddy applied New Energy Risk’s brand guidelines and logos to the finished case study. They buttoned everything up with customer headshots and engaging imagery and turned it into an on-brand PDF—all within five days.

Throughout the process, Morgan greased the wheels to keep the entire process timely and on track. Dvorit was so grateful to have someone else at the helm, so she could focus all of her attention on her day-to-day. 

At the same time, she loved being in the loop at every step. She never had to wonder what stage her story was at—she knew the instant that Case Study Buddy’s team completed the interview, finished writing, needed legal approval, or moved the story to design.

“Case Study Buddy always kept the project on track, and showed understanding whenever in-house circumstances meant I needed some more time,” explains Dvorit. 

“Case Study Buddy has created a repeatable process; it’s simple to create stand-out customer success stories over and over. The burden of doing it  on your own is lifted, and I always have a very positive experience.”

“Case Study Buddy always kept the project on track, and showed  understanding whenever in-house circumstances meant I needed some more time.”

Dvorit Mausner (Direction of Execution, New Energy Risk)


Evergreen sales assets that rev up lead generation and conversions

New Energy Risk wasted no time using their new sales assets to help them tell their story.  

The team felt they were so fundamentally important to what they did as a company, they created a specific sub-page on their website to host all the stories in one easy-to-find and explore location. 

This means that every prospect who navigates to their website can instantly read about the phenomenal results they have helped their clients achieve. 

When she first announced the new studies, traffic to the website increased by 10x.

“Our case study sub-page has become our 3rd most visited, behind only our about and team pages, making up 8% of all traffic,” says Dvorit. “It’s  proven to be priceless as a way of dealing with any doubts or hesitations—and converting prospects faster.”

Dvorit also promotes the stories created by Case Study Buddy across the company’s newsletter and social feeds. 

Continued promotion massively broadens the case studies’ reach, boosting NER’s credibility with new leads and teetering prospects, while showcasing their incredible customers (and the outstanding results they achieved together). 

Case studies are now the most clicked-on asset in their newsletter.

“People are very interested to see what our clients think about working with us and understand their experience,” says Dvorit. “If they’d always  wondered exactly what we do, the case study is now their means to figure that out.”

Dvorit has been impressed with the high quality of narrative and design she receives with each study. She loves that Case Study Buddy achieves almost the impossible—to write like subject-matter experts in a niche vertical fraught with complex products and terminology.

“Case Study Buddy is a partner that’s able to match our high level of expectation, so we’re always very proud to show what we’ve accomplished, through the work that Case Study Buddy has done,” she says.

She also rates Case Study Buddy’s process incredibly highly. Not least, because they pull out all the stops to get approval from both New Energy Risk’s and its customers’ legal teams. Whenever legal wanted something changed, Case Study Buddy expedited revisions to cause minimal disruption.

“Having case studies from Case Study Buddy that represent our work through the lens of our clients means we can articulate what we do better and faster,” she says. 

“Case Study Buddy lifted the burden of creating case studies on my own. My start-to-finish experience was nothing but positive.”

Now, Dvorit happily recommends Case Study Buddy to any business that needs to clearly and quickly articulate its unique value proposition.

“Case Study Buddy lifted the burden of creating case studies on my own. My start-to-finish experience was nothing but positive.”

Dvorit Mausner (Direction of Execution, New Energy Risk)

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