Of US Agency Execs

cited case studies as the most effective content for lead generation.

Of B2B Buyers

cited customer success stories as the most influential content they consumed.

Of B2B Marketers

ranked case studies among their top 3 most effective content types.

Positive Response Rate

to cold emails when a famous customer was mentioned in the email.

Corey Eulas, Founder, Factorial Digital
Being able to show enterprise leads examples of the outcomes we've had for clients has given us a serious edge. Our competitors come with promises; we come with proof.

What to expect: hands-free for you, convenient for your clients.

After years of interviewing busy execs at companies like Discovery Communications and Saxo Bank, we know exactly how to make your clients feel comfortable and capture detailed stories at the same time.


You tell us how you want to use case studies. We’ll help identify the most ideal interviewees and formats.


If you need help getting buy-in, we’ll arm you with a pitch packet, release form, and email templates you can tweak.

Project Management

After you make an intro, we’ll take care of scheduling interviews, wrangling revisions, and keeping things on track.

Research & Interview

We’ll get your side of the story, then interview your client in 30 minutes or less. You’ll receive a recording and a transcript of the call.

Case Study Writing

You’ll see the first draft within 10 days. We’ll manage revisions from both you and your client.

Package & Launch

You’ll receive a gorgeously customized, branded PDF or slide deck that you can start using right away!

Calin Yablonski, Owner – Inbound Law Marketing
Case Study Buddy's process was quick and simple.
They saved me countless hours and the final product exceeded my expectations. It was the perfect end-to-end solution for my business.

Turn one great story into multiple sales assets!

No matter how you want to use your study, we have an option that works best. Pricing and details are below.

Narrative Format

Show leads the full picture with long-format case studies that read like Forbes articles and feature plenty of customer quotes. Sidebars cater to time-crunched readers. Max. 1,500 words.

Ideal for:

  • Lead magnets
  • Blog content
  • Account-based selling
  • Conference handouts
  • Staff training
  • Repurposing into testimonials

$1,750 incl. design.
Volume and combo rates available.

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Snapshot Format

Entice leads with short n’ sweet case studies that include one client quote for the problem, solution, and results sections. Max. 650 words — just enough for the facts.

Ideal for:

  • Email outreach
  • Website Content
  • Social Ads
  • Upsells and onboarding

$1,550 incl. design.
Volume and combo rates available.

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Slide Deck Format

Share the highlights with a beautiful slide deck that makes you look incredible. Includes slides for: intro, client description, challenge/solution/results, three client quotes, and a call to action.

Ideal for:

  • Social Ads
  • In-Person Presentations
  • Attaching to RFPs
  • Outreach Emails

$1,250 incl. design.
Volume and combo rates available.

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Combine formats and save up to 25%

Save 20% when you order both Narrative and Snapshot formats (savings of $660) Or, save 25% when you order all three formats (savings of $1,150)

Need lots of studies? Ask us about our loyalty rates.

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Once you’ve got your case study, we can help you put it to work.

Outreach Emails

We’ll write your cold outreach emails and bake social proof right in, starting from just $297.

Q&A Blog Posts

Transform your interview transcript into a Q&A-style blog post, starting from $397.

Landing Pages

Capture leads using your case study with a landing page written to drive action, starting from $997.

Ad Copy

Promote your case study with click-worthy ads for Facebook or Google, written from $197.

Wes Quintin, Marketing Manager – Avanti Software Inc.
Once our CEO and sales team saw the first draft, they couldn't wait for it to be done so that they could get it out to prospects. So worth the investment!

Let’s tell your stories together.

Whether it’s a question or a quote, we’d love to connect.