Remote video testimonials for B2B

Get great testimonial videos without ever setting foot in your client’s office.
Or living room.

In a hurry? The quick details:

Just 45-60 minutes is all your client will need to get set up and share their story.

Everything is filmed completely remotely via your client’s smart device.

We provide your client with easy-to-use gear they get to keep, and a professional producer and interviewer are on every video call to ensure we get the best quotes and footage possible.

Video size is 1920×1080.

All of the coordination, storyboarding, filming, post-production and approvals are done for you, and you’re always kept in the loop.

You always get 2x final cuts for different uses—and custom b-roll, background music, motion graphics, and captions come standard.

We can also produce written assets from the same story to give you more ways to drive ROI across mediums and channels.

A convenient process for creating polished remote video testimonials

Together, we’ll define your goals and the angle the story should support, then plan out our question set.

We’ll help you set expectations with your customer and make an intro to our team—then manage everything from there.

We coordinate the shoot with your client and provide them with a ring light to maximize video quality.

The gear is theirs to keep.

On the day of the interview, both a producer and interviewer are present to guide your customer and ensure you get the best possible footage.

We shoot video at 1920×1080.

We transform the interview into two powerful final cuts of video: ~0:30 and ~1:30 versions.

We incorporate b-roll, captions, background music, motion graphics, and more for a polished final product that’s compelling to watch.

You can sit back and watch emails fly past as we manage the entire revisions and approvals process from both sides on your behalf.

Some of our recent remote testimonials

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Put real faces, voices, and emotions behind the results you get for clients with remote videos.

Turn your video testimonials into
a full campaign's worth of content

If you want to maximize your ROI, telling your story in just one way, in one place, won’t cut it.

Instead, we help you turn one solid interview into content you
can use across channels to drive leads, sales, and revenue, including:

You get more assets without asking more of your client, delivered from one experienced partner.

Trusted by B2B leaders and their teams around the world

It's like hiring an entire department dedicated to getting your case studies and testimonials done.

Remote Video Testimonial FAQ

You’re smart to ask – we’re happy to answer!

Just 45 – 60 minutes all-in.

To set expectations and keep things simple, we…

  • Provide an easy-to-follow prep email before the interview
  • Prime them with the questions and metrics to come ready for
  • Ship them a mic and ring light that they get to keep (no need to ship back!)

We target a 30-day turnaround time from the day the interview happens, and stay on top of editing, revisions, and approvals to move things along as quickly as possible.

While we won’t make the ask on your behalf, we’re happy to provide email templates, guides, and one-on-one advice based on hundreds of successful projects.

Great lighting, framing, audio, and video don’t happen by accident.

To ensure a strong final product, we…

  • Screen your client’s environment and ‘camera confidence’ beforehand
  • Ship them a mic and ring light to keep and help them set it up
  • Record video using their smart device (much better resolution: 1920×1080)
  • Gently coach them through their answers to capture a great take
  • Improve the footage with transitions, background music, stock footage, motion graphics, captions, and other b-roll as appropriate

So you get an asset that’s compelling to watch instead of two minutes of a talking head.

From long-form written assets to one-sheets, slide decks, Q&A-style blog posts, audiograms, and more, we can turn every customer interview into a campaign’s worth of collateral you can use across the entire buyers’ journey.

Have a look! 

Absolutely; we’ll meet you where you’re at.

There are plenty of resources we can share, and we’ll want to take the time to get fully aligned before it’s a rush to capture the story. 

Free tracking template:


How to capture video

testimonials at live events

Turn one great event into a TON of customer proof that drives leads and accelerates sales.

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The Big List of 100 Ways to Use Your Case Studies

If your case studies and video testimonials live only on the customer success page of your website, you’re missing out. You can do SO MUCH MORE with these versatile assets.

Get our actionable guide to using case studies across your sales and marketing funnel (and beyond) to wring out every ounce of value.