High production value.
Low stress.
On-location B2B video testimonials.

You can expect…

All of the coordination, storyboarding, filming, post-production and approvals are done for you, and you’re always kept in the loop.

It’s as low-hassle as it gets.

Your customer’s time and energy are protected with a process that prioritizes their convenience without compromising quality.

Our specialized team can transform your video into written case studies, one-sheets, slide decks, and more to maximize your ROI without having to go back to the client with additional asks.

Check out our written case study capabilities! 

Your client gets the white-glove treatment. You get a video testimonial you'll be proud of.

Our work begins long before the cameras start rolling.

Together, we identify your goals for the video testimonial: from where and how you’ll use it to the strategic storytelling goals we need to achieve.

We can walk you through getting buy-in and source locations and crews as-needed.

To ensure your day-of shoot is efficient and effective, we interview your client ahead of time and map out their strongest quotes and story beats.

Everything—from camera angles to b-roll—is carefully planned in advance.

Your customer is brought into a welcoming, well-prepared environment with a friendly team ready to help them look, sound, and communicate their best in as little time as possible.

A producer and camera crew are on location to optimize every detail of the footage we capture.

Your customer’s story is transformed into a cinematic and engaging set of video cuts, with music, b-roll, captions, motion graphics, and more that make it engaging to watch.

Our team takes care of all the entire revision and approvals process from both sides.

Within 30 days from the interview, you’ll have an incredible video case study ready to supercharge the selling power of your site, sales materials, and meetings.

And remember – this one case study can be repurposed into a full campaign’s worth of materials. Pair it with written assets and squeeze every last drop from your client interview.

Check out our most recent on-location video testimonial:

Trusted by B2B leaders and their teams around the world

We'll help you make testimonial videos your most powerful lead generation asset and closing tool.

Transform your video testimonial into a full campaign of content

If you want to maximize your ROI from a case study, one asset in one place isn’t going to cut it.

We specialize in transforming customer interviews into powerful video and  you can use for lead-gen and outreach, upselling, nurturing, content marketing, and more, including:

And yes — it’s all done in house, at a value that’s second to none.

Turn one happy customer into 100's more with powerful on-location video testimonials

On-Location Video Testimonial FAQ

You’re smart to ask – we’re happy to answer!

Absolutely not. Contact us now. 

We’d love to talk through the pricing, process, and get things all set up before it’s a mad rush to capture the story. We’re here to help at every stage.

In most cases, our in-house film crew will travel to your client’s location to conduct the shoot.

If it’s more cost-effective for you, we may source a local videography team and coordinate the shoot with them.

No matter what we do, it won’t be a surprise. 

When hiring a film crew we look for:
– Experienced and dependable teams
– Professional equipment that can meet strict quality standards
– A strong reel or body of work
– Processes that we can trust

The crew will be briefed and managed by CSB so that they’re ready to conduct a great interview, get the material they need efficiently, and treat your client like gold.

We aim for the entire process to take no more than 2-4  hours of your customers’ time, max.

They’ll take part in a short pre-interview, the day-of shoot, and then review the final cuts to be sure they’re happy with how they’re presented.

Within 30 days of the live shoot, you’ll have two polished final cuts ready to be used in your marketing and sales.

The more responsive you and your client are, the faster we can deliver.

While we won’t make the ask on your behalf, we’re happy to guide you through the buy-in process and share email templates, guidance, and one-on-one advice to improve your odds of securing a ‘yes.’

From long-form written assets to one-sheets, slide decks, Q&A-style blog posts, audiograms, and more, we can turn every customer interview into a campaign’s worth of collateral you can use across the entire buyers’ journey.

Go on, have a look! 

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