You might expect us to cost a fortune.

Our clients think we're an absolute steal.

About pricing

  1. All the heavy lifting is included.Project management, interviewing, asset creation, edits, managing approvals, and design are all included.

  2. Packages drive more ROI from every story.Written, video, long, short: we can turn one story into multiple assets you can use across channels and media.

  3. Built to fit your strategy.Your package is unique to your sales and marketing mix: we don’t create anything you don’t need or won’t use.


Single assets from $4K

Packages range $5K to $15K+. pending scope.
More assets, ROI, and utility: less cost per asset.

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John-Henry Scherck
John-Henry ScherckOwner, Growth Plays
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“Case Study Buddy took time and effort to understand the brand I’m building and how it is unique and differentiated in a pretty crowded space. The case study they produced plays a major role in helping us close deals and convert clients faster.”
Dvorit Mausner
Dvorit MausnerDirector of Execution, New Energy Risk
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“Case Study Buddy is a partner that’s able to match our high level of expectation. They’ve created such a smooth and repeatable process; it’s simple to create stand-out customer success stories over and over.”
Corey Eulas
Corey EulasCSO, Power Digital
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"Being able to show enterprise leads examples of the outcomes we've had for clients has given us a serious edge. Our competitors come with promises; we come with proof."

FAQ: Answers for Curious People

Pricing reflects the assets we create for you. 

As a ballpark: individual assets (e.g. Narrative format, remote video) start from ~$4,000. 

Packages of assets range from $5,000 – $15K+ and deliver more assets and value while giving you more ways to use every story in your sales and marketing.

Prices include our end-to-end approach: project and account management, coordinating with and interviewing your customer, asset creation, editing, managing approvals from both sides, and design.

You get assets tailored to your goals, a professional experience for you and your customer, and formats that fit your sales/marketing mix.

In most cases, this is what makes the most sense for both sides: an initial engagement to lay the foundation and prove the relationship works.

First stories are always the most involved for both sides as expectations and standards are established; we do not offer discounts. 

Absolutely! We can share resources and advice to help you secure that first project.

Plus, we can get all the paperwork squared up so that when you’re ready to go, we can strike while the iron is hot and not leave customers waiting.

We’re happy to provide advice on how to make the ask, including email templates you can tweak. 

What we don’t do is contact your clients to ask for permission on your behalf. It’s awkward and doesn’t work; it’s better coming from your team.

That depends on the quality, availability, and depth of the source material (transcripts, etc.) as well as whether or not you have release from your customer or the ability to follow up for more insight.

In general, we prefer to start from scratch, but we’d love the chance to talk through your unique situation.

Usually! If you can share an example of what you’re after, we can assess and quote for this.

There may be a one-time setup cost as we create an internal template and train our team on the format you’re after, but we’re capable of delivering many different ways.

It’s worth talking about!

We want to meet you where you’re at, but we’ll still need to review the raw material (which can be great, awful, or anywhere in between) and briefs, close gaps in information via email or interview, adjust formats, secure approval, and manage the project.

Long-term, we’re best set up for situations where we can run with the ball once a customer is bought in.

Because we need direct contact with customers to do our work, it’s impossible for us to offer white labelling.

That said, we’re excited to explore referral partnerships and incentives; please contact team[@] to discuss.