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About pricing

  1. Quoted to your scope.We only produce the assets you need for the channels you sell on – whether long, short, video, written, or all of the above.
  2. More ROI; less work.We handle interviewing, writing/filming, editing, revisions, design, and all the coordination.

  3. Package and save.
    When we deliver 3+ assets (e.g. a long piece, one-sheet, and video) for one story, the per asset cost comes down as all of the coordination, admin, etc. is spread across them.


Single assets from $4,725 incl. strategy, coordination, interview, creation, approvals management and design.

Packages (1x story, 3+ assets) range ~$5.5-$10k giving you more ways to drive ROI.

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Janiece Jenkins
Janiece JenkinsCOO, Latrina Walden Exam Solutions
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“Case Study Buddy added value by making it easy for us to capture client stories. We move so quickly here—we have to, with the industry we’re in. Having a partner to streamline the process is invaluable.”
Dvorit Mausner
Dvorit MausnerDirector of Execution, New Energy Risk
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“Case Study Buddy is a partner that’s able to match our high level of expectation. They’ve created such a smooth and repeatable process; it’s simple to create stand-out customer success stories over and over.”
Corey Eulas
Corey EulasCSO, Power Digital
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"Being able to show enterprise leads examples of the outcomes we've had for clients has given us a serious edge. Our competitors come with promises; we come with proof."

FAQ: Answers for Curious People

Pricing reflects the types of content we create for you and includes all coordination, interviewing, approvals management, writing/filming, design, etc.

As a ballpark: individual assets ordered alone, like a written format of a story, start from $4,725.

Packages of 3+ assets (e.g. a written format, one-sheet, and social imagery) for one story range from ~$5,500 – $10K+ depending on what is ordered, delivering more value while giving you more ways to leverage stories in your sales and marketing.

In most cases, a smaller initial engagement makes the most sense for both sides!

Drop us a line and we’ll scope something out together.

We’re happy to provide guidance and email templates you can tweak. 

We’re also passionate about the systems that make scaling case studies possible and share ideas regularly.

What we don’t do is contact your clients to ask for permission on your behalf. It’s awkward and doesn’t work; it’s better coming from your team.

Absolutely! We can share resources and advice to help you secure that first project.

Plus, we can get all the paperwork squared up so that we can strike as soon as your customer is ready.

That depends on the quality, availability, and depth of the source material (transcripts, etc.) as well as whether or not you have release from/access to the customer.

We prefer to start from scratch, but we’d love to talk through your situation.

Usually! If you can share an example, we can quote for this.

Let’s talk about it! 

Long-term, we’re best set up for situations where we can handle things end-to-end, but we’re happy to discuss what’s possible.

Because we need direct contact with customers to do our work, it’s impossible for us to offer white labelling.

That said, we’re excited to explore referral partnerships and incentives; please contact team[@] to discuss.

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