How to Write a Case Study Brief

When creating a case study, a solid brief makes a world of difference. Whether you’re collaborating with writers and videographers on the project or DIY-ing things, a brief encourages you to carefully think through the context, priorities, and goals you have for the piece. But filling out a detailed case study brief can also be daunting. Especially if you’re not clear on how to use the brief to guide things. To help you understand what makes a brief brilliant, and...

BY Laurie Zottmann

How to Get Your Sales Team to Help With Case Studies

How do you get your sales and account reps to help with case studies? “We need to get more case studies done, but the sales/accounts team is over-protective, unresponsive, and won’t help!” I often hear this complaint from marketing and customer success teams who are tasked with producing case studies at scale, but are getting stonewalled by other internal teams. If your sales team won’t help with case studies, it’s a huge problem: sales and accounts reps are usually the...

BY Joel Klettke

How to Avoid Common Case Study Mistakes

A quick survey of customer case studies that exist in the wild reveals that not all of them are created equal. Many of them don’t do justice to what was (undoubtedly) an amazing client success story. Sadly, the power of that success story is lost in the telling, which is a real shame—and a major lost opportunity. Where do these case studies go wrong? Often by committing one (or more) of four common case study mistakes. Here’s how to avoid...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Use Case Studies for SEO

Customer case studies are the most versatile marketing asset you can have.  And that versatility even extends to adding extra juice to your SEO.  Because you can use case studies—and the inputs, outputs, and byproducts of the case study creation process (such as social media cards, video testimonials, audiograms)— to attract new eyeballs online through thoughtful SEO practices.  (For more specifics on how to implement SEO strategies and practices, check out these resources from Moz.)   Here are just some of...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Create Remote Video Testimonials and Avoid Common Pitfalls

Getting a great remote video testimonial takes a whole lot more than just firing up Zoom and pressing “record.” If only it were so easy! If you want a quality final product, here are just a few of the things you need to think about: Capture quality Lighting Framing Audio B-roll Tech troubleshooting Setting Captions and graphics Interview logistics Interviews 1. Capture quality Zoom (and most video platforms) will compress the heck out of everything they touch and make it...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Create Case Study Assets and Build a Winning Team

A deep, context-rich 1,500-word case study chalk full of customer quotes is GREAT…until it’s terrible. Because if you start rattling through that bad boy on a live call, your prospect is going to tune out. You’ve got the right idea, but you’ve chosen the wrong format. You need to deploy the right asset for the right situation. It’s the same in baseball. You can’t build a winning team with a roster that only includes left fielders, pitchers, or catchers. You need...

BY Holly Yoos

16 Ways to Empower Your Sales Team with Case Studies

Case studies make ideal assets for sales enablement. When your sales reps can show prospects a success story about a customer just like them, it instantly positions your solution as the perfect fit and greases the wheels for an enthusiastic yes. But in spite of their streamlined persuasion power, your sales team might not be utilizing your case studies to their farthest possible extent. Why is that the case? It might be because your existing case studies: Don’t speak to...

BY Laurie Zottmann

How to Choose the Right Case Study Metrics

When it comes to case study metrics, there’s something to be said for doing… less. You wouldn’t put every spice in your spice rack into the same dish. Because that mix of cinnamon, sage, fennel, tarragon, rosemary, and dill is going to taste BAD. Likewise, you shouldn’t throw every success metric you have into a single case study—because it will make a confusing, unpalatable mess. Customer success stories need to be focused Customer success stories are most delectable when the...

BY Holly Yoos

How to Use Case Studies and Video Testimonials in Paid Advertising

You only have a few seconds to capture the interest of prospective customers with your paid ad. So anything that makes your ad stand out—such as a catchy headline, impressive metric or relatable visual—is worth its weight in gold. Which is what makes case studies and video testimonials such a rich source of assets for paid advertising. Here are just some of the ways you can deploy case study-related elements in your paid ad campaigns: Video testimonials Snapshot or teaser case...

BY Holly Yoos

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