How to Get Clients to Agree to Be In Case Studies

So, you helped a client get a big win… Now, you can’t wait to share your exciting results with the world. You want to write a case study. But how do you get client buy-in? The best way to get clients to agree to be in a case study is to address their fears and lay out the benefits the case study will have for their business. Try putting yourself in their shoes and preemptively answering the questions you’d be...

BY Steven Peters

How to Write a Killer Case Study Intro

The blinking cursor of death… You’ve read the client brief, recorded the interview, and found the perfect case study template. Now you’re sitting in front of your computer with a strong cup of coffee (your most important writing tool), and you’re ready to crank out a killer case study. But where do you begin? Oftentimes, the hardest part of writing a case study (other than putting together the headline, which we’ll cover in another post) is just getting started. How...

BY Joel Klettke

The Secret Weapon You Didn’t Know You Had in Your Content Marketing Arsenal

Today’s post comes to us from Jessica Mehring – make sure you check out her bio at the end of the post to learn a bit more about who she is, what she does and why she’s worth listening to! What do you think of when you hear the phrase “marketing content?” White papers? Blogs? Brochures? E-books? Maybe the odd infographic or downloadable guide? What if I told you that case studies are also a valid marketing content medium? It’s true....

BY Jessica Mehring

Client won’t approve your case study? Don’t give up – try this!

You’ve written a case study, but your client won’t approve it. What now? It happens more often than it should: a client agrees to do a case study but then backs out after you’ve gone to all the trouble to write it up. Yes, it’s discouraging – but it doesn’t have to mean scrapping the case study entirely. In this post, I’ll share the step-by-step process Case Study Buddy follows to try to turn around this setback – and one last-ditch option...

BY Joel Klettke

7 Great Sales & Marketing Insights You Can Get From One Customer Interview

Ask the right questions and a customer interview will become a goldmine of actionable intel. One of the most common pieces of feedback we get at Case Study Buddy after sending clients a recording of our interview with their customer is, “I can’t believe how much you got out of them!” Few clients anticipate how much we can actually help them learn on a call, but the great thing about customer interviews is that you can learn so much about a customer in such a...

BY Joel Klettke

The 3 BIGGEST Mistakes to Avoid When Interviewing a Client

A client interview is a terrible opportunity to waste. One client interview can be a content goldmine, generating Enough information for a detailed case study Multiple  quotes to use as testimonials & social proof Insights that can shape your messaging in a way that improves conversions Critical feedback to help improve your business & shape your offering But conduct an interview the wrong way, and you’ll get a lot of… One-word answers Over-the-top accolades Cringe-worthy silence Here’s three mistakes to watch out...

BY Joel Klettke

When is the Best Time to Ask a Client for a Case Study?

Back in junior high school, I was the kid with the worst possible timing. See, there were girls I dreamed of hesitantly putting my arm around while watching the latest PG 13 movie and sipping back an ice cold Tahiti Treat (boy, I miss those), but I never got the timing right. I either blurted my feelings out too soon (“Nice to meet you. Wanna be my girlfriend?!”) or way too late (“I heard you liked me last year and even though you’re in love with...

BY Joel Klettke

How to Write a Case Study Without Metrics

So your client won’t give you any firm success metrics, and you’re ready to kill the case study. Whether it’s pesky NDAs, tight-lipped customers or a complete and total lack of tracking, getting concrete success metrics to share in a case study can feel like herding cats with Red Bull for blood. What do you do when your client can’t – or won’t – give you any numbers to work with? If your answer is “Scrap the case study,” a lot...

BY Joel Klettke

Quick Tip: How to Structure a Case Study Interview With Your Client

How should you structure a case study interview to get the best quotes, testimonials and results? At Case Study Buddy, we know that hands down, an  interview is the best way to get  juicy details out of your client for a case study is an interview. It can mean the difference between a bland, boring project snapshot and a compelling story that your leads can relate to. But how do you structure them to make sure you get what you need? We’ve already...

BY Joel Klettke

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