What to Look for in a Case Study Partner

BY Holly Yoos
February 17, 2022

You’ll find plenty of good reasons to work with an outside partner to create your B2B customer case studies.

But when you opt to work with someone outside, you have to choose very, very carefully.

Customer success stories aren’t like most other sales and marketing assets, such as blog posts, infographics, slide decks, or reports.

Because when you work with an outside partner to create your customer case studies, you’re giving them permission to interface directly with your most valued customers.

Customers you’ve had great success with (thus, the case studies) and ones you want to continue to work with.

From scheduling to interviewing to edits and approvals, it’s a high-touch, highly involved process.

Creating case studies is a high-touch, highly involved process.

Put that process in the hands of an inexperienced (or unreliable) partner, and the whole thing can backfire.

In other words, this isn’t a place to cut corners. You need the best.

Which is why hundreds and hundreds of businesses have chosen Case Study Buddy as their case study partner.

Not convinced? Here are a few more reasons to choose us:

1. Case studies are all we do

For us, case studies aren’t just one of many service offerings. They’re all we do.

We specialize in creating written and video case studies and the valuable assets you can derive from them.

So you can bet we know what we’re doing.

2. We can help with strategy

Because we’re specialists, we can also help with case study strategy.

If you’ve been creating case studies by choosing customers and projects that are easy and available—rather than those that are strategic—we can help get you on the path that puts you closer to your goals.

3. We offer expert guidance and advice at every stage

The path to every successful case study is pitted with potential pitfalls.

We can help you avoid them (when possible) and deal with them when you can’t, whether the issue is obtaining customer buy-in, getting them through legal, or something else.

4. We know how to deploy case studies (and their byproducts)

Our expertise doesn’t end with delivering a powerful, targeted case study. We can also give you expert guidance and advice on how to use them across your funnel.

In addition, we’re skilled at milking value from the “byproducts” of the case study creation process, from testimonial cards you can share on social media to one-sheets you can hand out at trade shows.

5. We have high emotional intelligence

Case studies don’t just require good writing, they require the ability to navigate relationships.

Often the hardest part of completing case studies is the delicate work of pushing it through edits and your customers’ approval process.

Often, the hardest part of a case study is the delicate work of pushing it through edits and approvals.

We have the emotional intelligence to get it done—while making sure you AND your customer feel good about the process.

6. Your customers deserve the best

What does it say to your customer if you put them in the hands of a generalist agency that doesn’t have tested, foolproof process for creating case studies?

How would your customer feel if your agency shows up late for the interview, gets snarky if the customer requests a few more edits, or drops the ball when approvals get complicated?

We’re not those guys.

One of the reasons our clients come back to us again and again is because we treat THEIR customers with the same level of professionalism and respect as we treat our own.

7. We’ve been doing this for years

Experience counts.

For the past six-plus years, we’ve created hundreds (likely thousands) of case studies. You can bet we’ve seen almost every possible scenario.

So if your case study hits an unexpected snag—maybe your customer is hesitant to speak on camera or their legal department won’t approve the written study—we can navigate those concerns and objections.

8. You get undeniable ROI

Consider the lifetime value of your customers.

If a case study helps you land even just ONE customer, it’s likely that new customer will cover the cost of that case study many times over—providing a high rate of return that can continue for years.

9. You get what you pay for

Could you find a freelancer or agency that’s willing to write your case studies for less? Possibly.

But you could end up with a case study that doesn’t hit your brief. Or gets stalled. Or doesn’t have powerful quotes or metrics that really connect with potential customers.

A good case study is an investment in your future success. It’s something you can use in multiple ways across your funnel for years to come.

So it’s worth doing right the first time.

Besides, if your “cheaper” agency doesn’t cut it—you may feel sheepish asking your customer for a do-over.

Choose Case Study Buddy as Your Case Study Partner

Choosing the right partner to create your case studies—whether video or written—is a big decision.

We get that.

Let us make the case as to why we’re the best choice.

Contact us to start the conversation.

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