How We Saved a Cloudnexa Case Study When Everything Went Wrong

With so many steps, stakeholders, and unique challenges, a lot can go wrong when doing a case study no matter how prepared you go in. So: what do you do when things go sideways? Every company doing customer stories will face this question at some point.  One defining example for Case Study Buddy came at the outset of our relationship with Cloudnexa. It was Spring 2021. Cloudnexa had found us through a personal referral. Onboarding had been smooth, and CEO...

BY Steven Peters

100 Ways to Use Your Case Studies (Free Report!)

Wring every ounce of ROI out of your customer success stories. Case studies aren’t just for building awareness. They can be your most versatile sales and marketing asset that you can deploy across the buyer’s journey—and beyond. In this jam-packed report, we detail 100 ways to use and repurpose your case studies, including: 29 ways to use them for outbound marketing 30 ways to use them for inbound marketing 12 ways to use them for recruitment and internal needs 29...

BY Holly Yoos

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The Big List of 100 Ways to Use Your Case Studies

If your case studies and video testimonials live only on the customer success page of your website, you’re missing out. You can do SO MUCH MORE with these versatile assets.

Get our actionable guide to using case studies across your sales and marketing funnel (and beyond) to wring out every ounce of value.