Why Playvox Partners with Case Study Buddy to Create Its #1 Sales Asset

BY Steven Peters
August 22, 2023

Year in and year out, case studies remain one of Playvox’s most effective marketing tools. Its satisfied customers include Veeqo, which saved over 500+ agent hours a year by consolidating support ticket data, and Afterpay, which increased agent productivity by 30%.

Case Study Buddy helps Playvox capture and tell stories like these. Having real customer testimonials enables sales and demand gen teams to better:

🎯 Showcase the real-world impact of their products and services

🎯 Persuade new leads in similar verticals or with similar pain points

🎯 Differentiate Playvox from its competitors

You can read the full case study about how we helped Playvox, or read on to hear why Warsan Ahmed, Customer Marketing Manager, values our partnership so much.


Q: Why do you prioritize case studies over other types of content?

Warsan: For Playvox, case studies are our most effective marketing tool to increase sales. People like to see how their peers in the same vertical or industry solved similar challenges and saw big benefits. It lends us a lot of credibility when they say, “See this company? They used Playvox for their contact centers. Look how well it worked for them.”

Playvox case studies on site
Case studies on the Playvox website

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Case Study Buddy to create your customer success stories?

Warsan: I didn’t hire Case Study Buddy—when I stepped into this role, we had already engaged you. But now, I would choose to work with you every time. You really are the best people to work with.

Having a knowledgeable and professional partner that knows the industry and how to get the most out of an interview and not waste your customer’s time—that’s where Case Study Buddy shines. Life without Case Study Buddy would be much more painful.

Q: Has working with Case Study Buddy provided any other unexpected benefits?

Warsan: The buyer’s journey has really changed and it’s constantly evolving. But Case Study Buddy knows the emerging trends and they’re able to extract insightful testimonials from your customers, which elevates every case study. It’s not a boring story—each one is engaging, filled with metrics, and it reads in a human way. The stories and videos really help make an emotional connection with anyone that’s viewing them.

Case Study Buddy helps us cover a lot of ground by producing several pieces from one interview.


Q: What assets has Case Study Buddy helped you create?

Warsan: Some of our audience wants bite-size testimonials, so we purchased audiograms. Other people want to deep-dive into how we helped, so we produced narrative case studies. Others prefer video, so we made that too. Case Study Buddy helps us cover a lot of ground by producing several pieces from one interview.

Q: What’s the sales team’s favorite asset to date?

Warsan: The nuclear deck has been really popular with our sales team. It’s a high-level compilation of all of the case studies that Case Study Buddy has helped us create.

Images from the Playvox nuclear sales deck


Q: What’s the value of having multiple assets for sales and demand gen teams?

Warsan: Our sales team is really pleased with our portfolio of case studies that we have and use. There’s so much variety in there. It lends credibility to Playvox, to see so many big, global brands that trust us and choose to do business with us. 

Without Case Study Buddy, we would not have been able to put together such a comprehensive library of case studies that our sales team can use to combat objections, beat competitors, and delight prospects into becoming customers.

When the sales team is able to close those deals, whether it’s using our compilation deck or another asset that Case Study Buddy produced, it’s always a win.

Q: What’s the sales team’s reaction when you hand them a brand new customer success story?

Warsan: Our sales team is always happy and excited when I put a new case study in front of them. They use them with prospects, to showcase the business outcomes and successes of our other customers. And those prospects, most of the time, are weighing us against a competitor.

When the sales team is able to close those deals, whether it’s using our compilation deck or another asset that Case Study Buddy produced for us, it’s always a win. And I’m really proud of that. They’re always happy to leverage the assets that we produce with Case Study Buddy.

Q: Would you recommend Case Study Buddy to others?

Warsan: If you’re in the B2B space, and especially if you’re in SaaS, Case Study Buddy is an asset. I would recommend Case Study Buddy to anyone that’s in that space.


Empower your sales team with real customer testimonials.

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