Why Case Studies Matter for Bidding and Tendering

Case studies are the most persuasive proof that you can include within a tender submission. A good case study demonstrates that you have: Excelled on past contracts of comparable size and scope Delivered similar projects on time and within budget Anticipated and/or navigated potential contract disruptions A bidding company that claims to be ‘highly experienced’ will almost always lose out to a competitor that’s able to back up its experience with accolades, compelling customer testimonials, and case studies. Importance of...

BY Steven Peters

Why Playvox Partners with Case Study Buddy to Create Its #1 Sales Asset

Year in and year out, case studies remain one of Playvox’s most effective marketing tools. Its satisfied customers include Veeqo, which saved over 500+ agent hours a year by consolidating support ticket data, and Afterpay, which increased agent productivity by 30%. Case Study Buddy helps Playvox capture and tell stories like these. Having real customer testimonials enables sales and demand gen teams to better: 🎯 Showcase the real-world impact of their products and services 🎯 Persuade new leads in similar...

BY Steven Peters

How Cloudnexa Turns Case Studies Into Opportunities Worth Up to 500x ROI

As an AWS Premier Partner, Cloudnexa is required to complete a number of case studies every year to maintain its AWS Partner Network (APN) tier status. Case Study Buddy helps Cloudnexa elevate its stories and empowers sales and marketing teams with the collateral they need to… Demonstrate expertise, especially on topics like compliance Earn credibility faster with Cloudnexa’s target audience Save time—up to 150 hours/year on case study production Cloudnexa has trusted Case Study Buddy to tell its success stories...

BY Steven Peters

How We Served as a Force Multiplier for LWES’s Small Marketing Team

With a tight-knit team of only seven full-time employees, Latrina Walden Exam Solutions (LWES) needed a partner to help capture student and alumni stories and then turn them into persuasive case studies. They partnered with Case Study Buddy in order to… Capture in-depth interviews with three students Rapidly produce a case study for each without heavy-lifting on LWES’s part Strategically deploy each case study and maximize ROI Check out this case study about our work with LWES, or read on...

BY Steven Peters

How We Helped Docebo Create 41 Case Study Assets in 14 Months

Docebo’s AI-powered learning suite is a favorite for global enterprises, helping them deliver engaging and effective learning programs for their employees, partners, and customers. But when Docebo’s sales and marketing teams needed a higher volume of targeted case studies, the company’s small content team was overwhelmed. Enter Case Study Buddy. With a full complement of experts in written, audio, and video case study formats, Case Study Buddy delivered an end-to-end, white-glove service that included strategy, communications, and production for multi-asset...

BY Laurie Zottmann

How We Helped Lever Create 22 Case Study Assets in 12 Months

In a highly competitive industry, Lever’s ATS and CRM platform was gaining ground. But in order to truly rise above the crowd, they needed to turn out strategic case studies at scale. With eager customers lining up to share their successes, the small customer marketing team only lacked the time to produce the stories effectively. With Case Study Buddy, Lever gained a partner with tactical expertise and an enterprise-friendly process that delivered: ???? 22 targeted case study assets produced in...

BY Laurie Zottmann

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